Easter Workation – already planned?

20. July 2022

Can you imagine doing your job at the vacation club?

Conducting negotiations from the hotel room? And this for a period of several weeks? This is exactly what is now being offered in many places. Under the name “Workation”, a fusion of “Work” and “Vacation”, there are numerous variations of this offer. Many city hotels have also recently begun offering their rooms or hastily constructed “coworking spaces” in the lobby for daily work.

But it’s not just hotels that want to break into the supposedly lucrative world of flexible workspaces. After all, Corona forced many people into the home office without even having a decent office at home. Since dining tables and ironing boards often have to serve as desks. The business model of offering jobs outside the home office is attracting companies from many different industries. One example is the real estate company “Deutsche Wohnen,” whose portfolio includes many prefabricated buildings from old GDR stock. At first glance, the connection appears somewhat oblique – but according to an article in the Handelsblatt, the competitor “Vonovia” also wants to join the trend.

The slow drift of work and workplaces to ever new places, in ever new contexts, takes on sometimes amusing forms. Yet it’s actually no laughing matter. Most of us spend almost two-thirds of our day at work. For this purpose, there are work guidelines that specify exactly how the distance between the head and the monitor, the seat height, the incidence of light and the oxygen level must be. And rightly so! These laws are an achievement that has taken many years to achieve. It is simply a fact that sitting badly makes you sick in the long run. Then Corona comes along and all those who previously held work guidelines very high suddenly plead for a home office. That is opportune, one might exclaim out loud!

Office with a view: View of the Binnenalster, Gutruf Haus

Sleep, work and live better

Designing a workspace out of necessity – not so easy. After all, there are many rules and rules of the game to follow. Healthy, professional work is not a topic that you can just “take away”! It is a core issue that has great relevance and importance for society. Anita Gödiker, CEO of Satellite Office, comments: “Just because I have some empty offices through Corona at Satellite Office, I don’t put beds in there or make apartments out of them! We take our core business very seriously, after all, for over twenty years we have been solely and exclusively dedicated to designing and providing the best, most modern and professional workspaces. Not everyone can make a workspace. If everyone stuck to their own focus business and people thought more in terms of strategic partnerships, society would benefit much more. And probably sleep, work and live better, too!”