Change of perspective:

20. July 2022

What is really dear to us?

It’s really amazing: people thought Munich was the most expensive city for offices, but it’s Frankfurt. And Berlin is cheaper than Munich. Not true either. Where did we get the numbers? Self-research and self-calculations – after all, we are experts in flexible office rentals. So it is from a qualified source after all.

Let’s change the perspective: Where can I work in the best location at the best price? For Satellite Office, that would be in Munich. Our ranking is as follows (we start with the most expensive cities):

1. frankfurt
2. berlin
3. hamburg
4. dusseldorf
5. munich

Another change of perspective: How important is the city where I want to work for my job? How important is it to my personal life? Ultimately, it doesn’t matter how expensive or cheap a city is. It’s the whole package that counts: where do I want to work, where do I need to be, what is the infrastructure like. And these are just a few aspects. Satellite Office’s flexible workspaces offer solutions for multi-layered living and working designs. Without long commitment. This allows them to turn adjusting screws, remain flexible, change perspectives. And also the city in which you work. Here today, there tomorrow!