20. July 2022

Satellite Office stands for peace, freedom and flexibility

What a shock: we have war on our continent. Didn’t we all think that the thought patterns of a narcissist Putin that lead to such unspeakable, senseless bloodshed were a thing of the past. We are deeply saddened and appalled, and all our sympathy goes out to the people of Ukraine. Families for whom nothing will be the same after this senseless, brutal war. For a country that has to endure the greatest damage and crime in every way. We open our hearts for the many war refugees who will soon arrive in Germany. Our thoughts also go out to the Russian population, the vast majority of whom do not want this war, because for us Putin is not Russia. Many people in Russia are taking to the streets for peace right now – risking their own lives under these conditions. For peace, for freedom.

For the German economy, this war will bring enormous difficulties: Supply chains, raw materials, business relations with both Ukraine and Russia will be cut off or interrupted for an indefinite period. We do not yet know the effects, can only estimate them at this point.

Satellite Office stands for peace, freedom, liberal thinking and flexibility. In our Workspaces, all people are equal, regardless of their background. We work together, we drink our coffee together, we talk to each other. Everyone with us gives their small contribution for a peaceful coexistence. That’s what we stand for, and that’s what we’ll stick to.