Behind the scenes

20. July 2022

Three questions for Leroy Macartney, Satellite Office employee

At irregular intervals, we take a look behind the scenes and introduce people who work at Satellite Office. Today we’re talking to Leroy Macartney from Digital Projects, based in the Marketing department. Leroy is 23 years young.

Hello Leroy, are you the “online man” at Satellite Office?

Leroy Macartney: “I started as a marketing all-rounder just over a year ago, but quickly realized that my previous experience in web development was a good fit for the company and was in high demand here. There was then a role change from marketing all-rounder to “Digital Projects, Junior Full Stack Developer”. I now handle everything digital: create website, landing pages, revise digital features / designs. I find this development opportunity in the company really super, and the flat hierarchies and direct collaboration with the management both challenge and encourage me in equal measure. With this tailwind, I’m doing further training to become a “Full Stack Developer” parallel to my job. This qualification is done online in remote, always on Tuesdays and Thursdays for three hours and Saturdays from 9am-6pm. The program runs for six months. With this, I want to expand my knowledge, improve myself. Digital always brings a complexity that interests me. That’s definitely what I want to do in the future as well.

Satellite Office recently launched an employee council. You were elected Head of the Council. What drives you?

Leroy Macartney: “I think the project is great because it’s a good way of incorporating employees’ views into company decisions. Anita Gödiker is present at all meetings, we are heard and our opinion counts. Many of the council members work in direct contact with customers and it is of great value to all sides to bring this experience into brainstorming sessions with the management. The Council has created an interface through which we can steer corporate communications at an early stage and steer them in the right direction. Being part of this and even being able to lead this on the employee side is a super opportunity for me.”

Privately you probably don’t have so much time 😉 But what interests you outside of work?

Leroy Macartney: “I spend my free time with my family, mostly with my four siblings, which is fun. Otherwise, I like going to the movies, especially when action, horror or psychological thrillers are on! At the moment, the John Wick triology is my absolute movie highlight. But also bowling or playing billiards with friends is part of it for me. Talking to each other, enjoying time together, that’s what I like.”