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25. August 2022

What we need right now is flexibility

Here we go again! Satellite offices are waking up from their summer break, and more and more movement is coming into the workspaces. Anita Gödiker, CEO of Satellite Office, is on the construction site of the new Satellite Office in Stuttgart this week to get an idea of the construction progress, continues to Frankfurt to attend some customer appointments and arrives in Düsseldorf on Friday. Here there is a meeting with friend and fashion icon Uta Raasch meet. Always with them are their work devices: Cell phone and laptop! That’s all she needs to work in the Satellite Offices in the meantime. Like all customers, she uses the shared printer for printing, of course quickly connected via WLAN. In doing so, it constantly checks the quality of the workplaces and services itself in order to gain new insights and new ideas. “Chef on tour”, we call it ;-).

Many of us work remotely just like Anita Gödiker. Here, the issue of flexibility and quality is particularly important. After all, who wants to be stuck at a small coffee table on the road and make important emails and calls from there with poor reception? At the same time, you can’t time the in-between times you need to work quite right. Having a place, a home port, where you can anchor and work at any time in many cities is therefore worth its weight in gold. Especially in autumn and winter, when the weather is not always so cooperative. So your Satellite Office membership pays off – especially in times that are hard to plan for. Simply buy a 10-ticket Workspace, which can be used in all centers. Easy remote working.

If you would like to recommend us and our way of working, we would be pleased. With soon four new locations in Stuttgart, Geneva, Zurich number two and Milano, we are currently expanding the network. An ideal time to recommend Satellite Office!