Analog mini meetings in digital cubes

20. July 2022

Analog mini-meetings in digital cubes: Or are meetings just a myth?

From the “distant past” it is said that there was a time when there were far too many meetings with far too many participants. People would have been bored in meetings, thousands of miles would have been traveled for just one meeting. Those days are definitely over.

But what do meetings look like today? The keywords are: Few participants, good technology as well as enough distance and high hygiene standards. Or, if possible, have meetings take place digitally. Satellite Office’s Silent Cubes correspond precisely to this zeitgeist. A table with enough space for four people, technology that allows video conferencing around the world, the best hygiene and, above all, quiet. The cubes are soundproofed and yet right in the middle of the action. If you like, you can draw the curtain and additionally protect yourself against glances and distractions. The Silent Cubes are a development that came about as part of the “PureSilent®-Line” launched in 2018. Deep working, focusing on the essentials and space for reflection are the key data for the spatial design of the workspaces. A multitude of differentiated and functionally graded areas are enriched by the Silent Cubes as places of retreat and meeting. In combination with translucent, feather-light curtains, this creates a generous sense of space despite fewer square meters. So whether you want to convene a mini-meeting, or need the technology for a global video conference, Silent Cubes can accommodate it all. As if we had already known in 2018 what is really needed after March 2020 ;-).

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