A yawning void in the office?

20. July 2022

How companies from the financial sector act now – and everyone is happy!

Due to the pandemic, many employees are working from home offices, and numerous workplaces in company headquarters and agencies have remained empty for months. In the future, more and more people will want to work from home more often. Companies could therefore save office space. Selling real estate or terminating fixed leases offers great potential savings for companies. But only home office is not a solution in the long run! Because people are social beings who also want and need to interact directly. Most people achieve good work results best in a team. A mixed concept of presence and home office is needed, a “hybrid work concept”.

How hybrid work models can be successfully implemented

Some days in the home office, a few days in the office. Hybrid just. This is currently the work model desired by most employees. Satisfied employees, low rental and fixed costs, meeting rooms as needed – that’s what corporate leaders want. First of all, it seems difficult to abandon a corporate headquarters, large or small. But in the end, everyone will be satisfied. This is not just a hypothesis but an empirical value of many medium-sized and large companies that have already dared to take this step.

Home Office + Satellite Office = Satisfaction

For example, a financial services provider had terminated its permanent office space because it had been yawning empty for over a year. The company, which specializes in construction financing, wanted to expand its home office situation with a shared office at Satellite Office. In the office, the employees should feel safe despite the pandemic. It was equally important to the entrepreneur that employees could also physically interact with each other, because she saw this as the basis for the company’s success. A total of 15 people work at the financial services provider, and five jobs were to be created for shared work at Satellite Office. The solution was an expansive team office designed to make spacing feel natural. A Silent Cube can be used for small internal meetings – even at 10-minute intervals. External customer appointments take place in the fireplace lounge. All under one roof, without wasting time and with the nice feeling of having found a home port to work in again. Just much more flexible and modern than before, without long-term commitments and in a luxurious working environment that both employees and customers like very much and that keeps them motivated and positive throughout the day. Because a day at the office is now something special, who would have thought that a year ago?