A flying visit to the Rhine

20. July 2022

Düsseldorf boss Dominik Bornewasser on service

It’s actually absurd – Germany has long been considered a service desert, but what’s happening in Düsseldorf at Satellite Office is just the opposite. A change is taking place – this is also reflected in the fact that 80% of companies in Germany now offer a service.

Satellite Office’s workspace in Düsseldorf regularly receives top marks in service ratings. It is not only its prominent location directly on the Kö that attracts extremely discerning customers; the office facilities are also first-class. But that’s not what makes the “Twist,” Düsseldorf boss Dominik Bornewasser tells us during our brief visit.

“There are quite a few nice office spaces in Düsseldorf,” Bornewasser reports. But beauty has long since ceased to be enough. In the workspaces, quiet and retreats for concentrated work are an important theme, but recently in Düsseldorf this has been surpassed by one topic: professional office services. In this way, the Satellite Office customers’ backs are kept as free as possible on site. Telephone calls, welcoming guests and immediately providing them with a coffee, dealing with correspondence, handing urgent things over to the courier… The list of tasks goes on and on. “You really can’t believe what the teams here achieve on a daily basis. It’s very motivating for them, because every day is different and every day brings new challenges.”

Bornewasser is a host through and through in Düsseldorf: “No external service provider comes to my house for customer events, we do that ourselves so that our customers can present themselves optimally at their events in our rooms!” He is delighted to receive high praise, as he did recently after an event at the private bank Donner & Reuschel. “It’s a great confirmation and the goal of what we do every day. When we get praise, it’s a sense of accomplishment for the whole team. It carries us through the week and fires us up even more.” What tips he gives for the good service? Borne water. “A focused, motivated team is worth its weight in gold – and not at all to be taken for granted. Only a satisfied team can deliver first-class service, exude joy and be willing to go the extra mile every day.” Bornewasser therefore works with his team at eye level, just as he does with all his customers – cordially, with an eye for people and in a motivating manner!