3 Questions for Satellite Office Project Management Construction & Development.

21. July 2022

To the new Satellite Office in Geneva, which will open in fall 2023.

  • What’s happening on the construction site in Geneva right now?

The construction progress in Geneva is simply fun! We are currently correctly on schedule despite difficulties with supply chains and raw materials. Currently, electrical wiring is taking place and will be completed soon. The first color designs of rooms and basic wall design work with painting on wood paneling have begun. Next up in August is flooring work and redesigning ceilings. Since the basic structure of the area was retained, i.e. the ground plan was not changed, you can already see something. However, since the floors were partially removed to lay cables, it is currently still an open construction site. Walls and ceilings were also partially opened, as the original cables had to be replaced. We can already see it’s going to be great.

  • Are there any particular challenges?

In Geneva, the first language is French. This is new for us. The arrangements and communication with the architect company take place in English, but with some subcontractors we cannot avoid French. Our French CFO Christophe Mouchené is heavily involved, so we are very well positioned. Fortunately, there are now also terrific technical aids as a supplement, such as the Google Synchron Translator, with which we can even have digital team meetings in German-French and everyone understands each other. In addition to the new language challenge, we have to deal with a change in the entire building control technology. Lights, blinds, heating and air conditioning will be controlled digitally in the future, and the owner is currently working on a solution for this.

  • What can Satellite Office customers in Geneva look forward to?

To a state-of-the-art workspace in a chic old building in a prime location. The interior follows our award-winning pureSilentÓ design and color concept. In Geneva, we are focusing even more on individuality and will have an above-average number of telephone boxes and digital rooms, as we are placing even more emphasis on seclusion and digital solutions in conference rooms. Almost every street-facing office has a balcony facing out onto Rue de la Corraterie. From the roof terrace, the view sweeps over the city to the mighty mountain massifs – a dream! Demand is already high, Satellite Office customers have priority to sign up on a reservation list. It is located with the site directors.”