25 years Satellite Office

18. September 2022

Jubel-Läum in Berlin!

Jubel, Trubel, Heiterkeit prevailed on Thursday evening for the Jubel-Läum in Berlin. Directly at the Ku’damm, 200 invited guests from politics and business celebrated Satellite Office’s 25th birthday. The celebration was the culmination of a series of small celebrations at the various Satellite Offices to mark the company’s anniversary.

Dr. Wolfgang Richter, lawyer and long-time companion of CEO Anita Gödiker, opened the evening with a time travel through the last 25 years that could not have been more rousing. Dr. Richter has not only been a customer for over 10 years but is also a member of Satellite Office’s advisory board. Anita Gödiker and Dr. Richter have a shared history of more than 30 years. His word counts – his views and suggestions on the development of Satellite Office could hardly be outweighed in gold. Anita Gödiker expressed her heartfelt thanks for Dr. Richter’s insightful words and gave a speech that was as authentic as the entrepreneur herself. “We are growing steadily while remaining down-to-earth” was the tenor of your speech. Especially when it comes to internationalization, this is an incredible advantage! “We come from sharing, we stick to sharing, and people are always at the center. Worldwide. For customers and employees alike,” says the entrepreneur.

History with a great future

Let’s go global! On this evening at the latest, it became clear to everyone: success confirms the path. Under the “Satellite Office” brand, the company is now pursuing a course of international expansion based on a long-term strategy. Starting with a single location at Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin, the company now offers 15 locations in Germany, Switzerland and, from 2023, Italy. The opening will take place in Geneva before the end of the year, marking the first time that the facility has been opened in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. This will be followed next year by Stuttgart, a second location in Zurich and one in Milan. Around 70,000 people now work temporarily in one of the Satellite Offices’ 500 offices and open spaces, bistros and lounge areas. Satellite Office itself has a team of about 120 people.

Here’s to the next 25 years!