You let the soul dangle

28. July 2022

We are here!

A few tough months are behind us. The first half of the year was characterized not only by periods of good weather, but also by dramatic news. The war in Eastern Europe will have a very clear impact on our economy. Even currently in or shortly before the vacations we can not really breathe a sigh of relief, because there is chaos at airports and train stations, the car also seems to be no real alternative with high fuel prices. Nevertheless, the Germans’ desire to travel is as high this year as it was before Corona, and the desire to relax is greater than it has been for a long time. And that’s a good thing! This makes it all the more important to leave professional obligations where they belong: in the office. To be more precise, to the Satellite Office. Our offers for you at the Satellite Office Summer Center:

#1: Sunglasses on – Laptop closed – Use Satellite Office phone service:

Important business partners do not like to talk to a mailbox. That’s why we pick up the phone for you when it rings. Our specially trained employees answer incoming calls in your company name and pass the information on to you immediately – much more personal than an automatic answering machine or your cell phone mailbox.

#2: Happy Holidays – Have your mail handled by our teams

Do you know our post-scan flat rate? While you are on vacation, we will scan your business mail on demand and send it to your cell phone. This way, you won’t miss a thing and can access the information exactly when it fits into your precious vacation day.

#3: Hotel pool instead of Excel spreadsheet – secretarial service from Satellite Office.

Our professional team will work for you remotely. Just hand over administrative things for a while. After all, you don’t have to do paperwork at your vacation spot! Our team will also book urgent business trips for you or prepare important handouts for your first meetings after your vacation. Whatever helps you switch off, let us know.

#4: Sonner, Sun, Cloudya – Easy Access Technology

With our telephone software “Cloudya” you can call your office landline number from your private cell phone and redirect it to your cell phone if you wish. For this, your phone only needs an Internet connection. After all, not everyone needs to know you’re on vacation, right?

All services are amazingly affordable and worth it all when it comes to a peaceful feeling on vacation. Feel free to contact us: Gerhard Kostka,

Have a nice vacation!