You can recognize decision-makers by their choice of office

20. July 2022

Isn’t that a great picture? Our brand new offices at Ballindamm. If you look very closely, you can even see the Binnenalster through the office window in the picture. And there are still workplaces that have a direct and unrestricted view of the Alster. We chose this image as the motif for our “#keepbusinessgoing” campaign. It is the third motif to be placed cross-medially. The image is accompanied by the following text:

“Decision-makers are recognized by their choice of office. Individual and team offices also as team-splitting offices for immediately. By far the best protection. Reinforced hygiene measures. #keepbusinessgoing. #staysafe. #protectyourself. #splitup #keepyourdistance #wecareforyou #teamsplittingoffice”

Does that appeal to you? We always appreciate your feedback: