You are what you eat!

20. July 2022

Healthy lunch tips for the office

We all want to stay healthy, efficient and vital. Especially in times of Corona, healthy food is more important than ever and strengthens our immune system. Especially lunch is a very important part of the day. After all, by the time lunch rolls around, we’ve already had part of the day, but we still have a long time ahead of us. To whip up a nice lunch at work, you have to be a little creative. Because time is usually short, the next appointment is already imminent and despite the usually small but fine kitchens in the workspaces, you have little time to prepare an elaborate lunch.

Let’s get this straight: The most important thing, really the most important thing, when preparing lunch, especially in a Flexible Workspace, is that there must be no odor nuisance for the others.
What also always helps are good transport boxes. We recommend the luxury version made of glass. Is a little heavier, but this type of lunch box can be placed in the microwave without decanting and always looks very appetizing. There is no need for tiresome decanting onto plates or into bowls. Anyone interested in these boxes can browse here .

Three great-tasting, low-odor workspace lunches

Below, we present our “Tasty Three” of healthy workspace lunches that will add variety and, most importantly, energy to your office day. And because in the evening after a hard day at work really no one wants to spend a long time preparing, none of the dishes takes longer than 15 minutes.

1. the avocado shrimp salad: So much be said, the avocado shrimp salad sounds great and tastes terrific. The preparation time is short. Dressed minimally with a little olive oil, fresh lemon juice and a good salt, it tastes best. Shrimp have a low fat and high protein content. Avocados have many healthy fats. The perfect combo! It makes us feel fuller for longer. For the successful day in the Flexible Workspace our number one!

2. the buddah bowl: Instagram is full of colorful pictures with delicious, thick-bellied bowls. But basically, the Buddah Bowl is a better version of leftovers! Just raid the vegetable drawer, cook rice, quinoa or similar, put everything in a bowl, put dressing on it and if you like add nuts on top. As a rough guide, vitamins in the form of vegetables, fruits and herbs make up about half of the bowl, plus more than ¼ protein and a few carbohydrates. On top there are healthy fats. Is there any breakfast egg left? Or the rice from the night before? Any chickpeas still rolling around? Perfect! In the Flexible Workspace, this will earn you many longing looks! If you want to read more about it, you can get funny and helpful tips here.

3. the classic: pasta with pesto, parmesan and fresh tomatoes : This tip is something for those who want to eat something “real” during the lunch break or for those who have already done your work-out in the early morning. The preparation is very easy. Cook noodles and pack them in the lunch box. At lunch time, simply microwave, heat and then mix in the pesto. Then cut a few tomatoes and sprinkle cheese over the dish. A classic that is always and always good. By the way, you could also make the pesto yourself…

We hope to give them some inspiration for a successful day in the Flexible Workspace. And for all those for whom that is still too much effort: Of course, you can also have your food conveniently delivered to the center or ordered on site by our friendly service teams. Contact us. In any case, we wish you bon appétit!