Women Startup Challenge – New Jury Members “Tandemploy

19. July 2022

Jury members of “Tandemploy” introduce themselves

Five years ago, Anna Kaiser and Jana Tepe founded their company “Tandemploy”. Today, they are members of the Satellite Office WSC jury, sifting through applications from young female startup entrepreneurs. An interesting role reversal. Anna Kaiser and Jana Tepe from Tandemploy started out five years ago with a brilliant idea: They brought job sharing into the new economy. They have created digital platforms that can make intelligent connections.

And in recent years, not only has it won many extremely prestigious awards, but it has also firmly established itself in the market. Have grown from a classic startup to a successful company. Both are jury members of the Women Startup Challenge. An award, created by Satellite Office, which provides young female founders with valuable start-up assistance. With jobs, marketing, coaching and an extensive business network.

Jana & Anna met at their former employer, an HR consultancy for the digital economy, and are now demonstrating in their own company how work can be different: All Tandemploy employees work in flexible work models, and they have abolished the rigid 40-hour week. An authentic starting point for their software solutions, which make medium-sized companies to DAX corporations more flexible from the inside out and use the strongest lever they have: their own employees. The two entrepreneurs and their team, which now numbers 25, have already won 20 awards for their idea and received a lot of media attention. They also discuss their concern for a fairer and more life-friendly working world at the highest political and trade union levels.