Which side are you on

20. July 2022

Team “Stehaufmännchen” or Team “Siebenschläfer”?

“Homo economicus has long been inoculated,” reports the FAZ economics blog. People are not all rational, however, so it is no wonder that so many Germans are not vaccinated, he said. Ultimately, under-vaccination will cost us economically a few more months this winter 2021/2022. Drastically stirring for some, frustrating, surrendering for others.

We have around 3,700 companies working with us in our eleven Workspaces in Germany and Switzerland. Behind it are 3,700 individual Corona stories. You can imagine the conversations we have every day. And we perceive two types of people: some fight and make the best of the situation, others bury their heads in the sand, surrender to circumstances and wait it out.

We would like to take this opportunity in our BLOG to once again advocate getting vaccinated – if you haven’t already. 2G+ is not only the ticket to public life, 2G + is also the only way to keep our economy running. Another nationwide lockdown would be an economic disaster.

What the new government has decided or will decide in the last few days is foreseeable: Renewed contact restrictions, 2 G + in public areas and in the workplace – so also in our Satellite Offices, as well as the cancellation of events, which of course also affect some larger meetings at Satelllite Office.

Our toolbox for you in the coming weeks:

Please ask our teams about digital alternatives for your meetings, we can offer you (almost) everything: From live streaming studio to digital box for worldwide video conferences in brilliant technology. We belong to the team “Stehaufmännchen” and are convinced that there is always a way.

We would also like you to know that our hygiene standards are extremely high and that your health and that of our teams is our top priority.

We can also implement contact restrictions because we have a fairly steady “cohort” in the sites, which means hardly any new people come from outside during these times.

Stay healthy, stay resourceful, and defy the odds as best you can. Who is part of the “Stehaufmännchen” team?