Where have you been?

20. October 2022

Recruitment and no end

Searching for traces: Hundreds of thousands of workers have disappeared off the face of the earth. It wasn’t like that before the pandemic! Industries that traditionally do not pay top salaries, such as the service sector, are particularly affected. Many have migrated to discounters, which were considered crisis-proof during the lockdown. Industry has also helped itself, as many order books are full: today, former waiters and cooks assemble mobile homes, for example – at the IG Metall rate. But of course, more factors are coming together, such as demographic change.

The good news is that most employees don’t just want a job to make money, they want to be able to identify with the company. Employer branding enables companies to build a brand that has charisma. Which is well received and in the best case appeals to many applicants. The path to this goal cannot be mastered overnight; only many different factors and measures form an attractive overall picture that reflects the company’s story(s) as authentically as possible.

Satellite Office began this journey under the hashtag #besatellite over four years ago. Many employees are directly involved in the processes. The result is an employer brand that acts as a calling card in the search for personnel. The beautiful brand world of Satellite Office is used, for example, on international personnel portals. As a result, the HR department receives numerous applications from Mumbai, Marrakech and Munich. “It’s like truffle hunting” reports CEO Anita Gödiker from the field. Are headhunters a solution? “We have already recruited some employees, especially from the management team, via headhunters – but it’s not a panacea. We only use it selectively,” says Anita Gödiker. So it remains an exciting challenge to recruit the best employees in the world! But simple can anyone, right? #besatellite!