When spring comes, I will give you…

20. July 2022

…atmosphere of departure!

Tulips do not go – yet! But something is happening. There’s something in the air. A touch of spring, a touch of lockdown looseness, a touch of optimism. A hint of hope for a bit of normalcy that will allow us to pick up speed economically.

This cannot be done at full throttle, because at the moment we are moving in the pandemic – because it is not over – between constraints, despair, reason and a spirit of optimism. This vague desire to do something, to get out of lethargy, inspired by the spring sun and the blossoming nature.

We feel the same way. And we would like to work with you to turn your Corona Winter ideas into reality. Reduced bureaucracy and greater flexibility are more in demand than ever. In all areas. After all, we don’t know what exactly is coming. So, just boldly move forward. Let ideas flourish, because the environment offers great opportunities. Reorganize your business or simply get started with a new idea.

“Last minute cancellation guarantee” – so that the post can go off again!

At Satellite Office, the magic words are “flexibility” and “security”, because they make courage grow and nip risk in the bud. But please don’t get carried away, because predictability, security and cost airbags at all times are the fertile fertilizer for successful growth. With 24 years of experience, we know something about that.

Among other things, we let the “last minute cancellation” flourish again. Bookings without risk. This has already helped many a company after the new-economy crash and after the banking crisis and given it a bit of wing. After all, we are crisis-tested. And the economy will open, there is no other way. The sooner you are set up, the better. “Be well-equipped to be there when the mail goes off again,” Satellite Office founder Anita Gödiker said yesterday. “You can cancel any meeting room, day office, workspace space, digital room at short notice in all Satellite Offices. 24 hours in advance, without ifs, buts or additional costs. Even short terms for private offices are possible at any time. And if you feel like it, you can then also give us a bunch of tulips, but only if you like!”

Will I see you? Are we growing together? We look forward to seeing you.