“What a life” 40 years of fashion history and a biography

19. July 2022

Fashion icon Uta Raasch celebrates 40 years of fashion history and presents her biography

Uta Raasch and Anita Gödiker, CEO of Satellite Office, share a deep friendship. Now the designer has published a book to mark her 40th anniversary. “What a Life” is the title of her extraordinary biography. The life of the Düsseldorf fashion designer is a journey through forty years of fashion history, but also a lesson about the emancipation of women and the exciting story of an entrepreneur, mother and wife who was spoiled by success and had to experience what it means to lose everything. But it is an encouraging account, never losing its topicality, of the resurgence and constant reinvention of a woman who is now over 70 and who started a successful career at the TV station QVC.

The richly illustrated autobiography was written by bestselling author Dorothee Achenbach. Absolutely worth reading and our tip for all Satellite Office members.

By the way, we will be displaying these wonderful books for you to cross-read at our Düsseldorf location!