We are PURE!

20. July 2022

The new lifestyle magazine for modern work

In our new magazine, we introduce you to interesting people and great places, luxurious satellite offices and unusual stories about working. Look forward to a whole new kind of dialogue with each other. Digital, printed and analog. With recurring columns, we always shed light on new aspects of working life. True to Albert Schweizer’s motto: “If you want to contribute to the happiness of the world, you must first ensure a happy atmosphere.

In the first issue, let us take you to Albert Einstein’s desk in the small town of Caputh, about six kilometers from Potsdam. Plus, learn why the co-working hype has created quite a mess in an in-depth interview with Satellite Office CEO Anita Gödiker. And also why co-working is not really an issue now. In the section “Supplier of the 5 Senses”, our furnishing partner “Raumhaus” will introduce you to how Post-Covid will work. Exciting! What you can experience around the Satellite Office in Düsseldorf, where you can have lunch, do power-walks during your lunch break or who you might meet there, we will tell you in the “Location” section. His walls create spaces: Managing Director Florian Strähle talks about how walls can connect or divide and what this has to do with creativity and communication at work. Take a look behind the scenes at Satellite Office and get to know our employees personally. And so much more… Oh, what are we talking about, read it for yourself!

Hot off the press, the magazine “PURE” will land on your desk at all Satellite Office locations in the next few days, as well as being displayed in the centers for everyone to have at hand.
You can also easily order your copy online or access the Digital Edition:

Whether printed or digital, we hope you enjoy reading PURE!