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20. July 2022

Meetings under Corona

If Corona has anything good going for it, it’s that digitization has made a decent push forward in many areas. Despite physical distance, for example, many national and global teams see each other more often than ever before – video calls and video conferences make it possible. And many have found that working in this way is also a lot of fun, prevents unnecessary travel and brings fast results!

Satellite Office upgraded its workspaces very early on and responded to this trend with its unique pureSilent room concept. What you need to know? Nothing. Bookings can be made spontaneously and uncomplicatedly without much advance notice. At Satellite Office you sit in fully digitalized rooms of different sizes, elegantly and comfortably furnished, ventilated, soundproofed and electrified. With a fresh coffee and a snack from the bistro, even hour-long video calls can be pleasant and successful. You can sit alone or with up to four people in the digital rooms and connect the rest of the team or your customers online. Working efficiently together – around the world!

ROOM for ZOOM. Already in almost all Satellite Office workspaces:

Digital Rooms and Phone Booths at a glance

Digital Rooms: Perfect for Zoom meetings or other digital meetings. The Digital Rooms are soundproofed, air-conditioned and equipped with all technical refinements, for 1-4 people with work table and 360 degree camera. You can see your call participants clearly on large TV screens, and a dedicated WLAN router ensures reliable reception even with large amounts of data. A good lighting concept makes you appear yourself in the best light. Since you need to be spontaneous, you can even access the Digital Rooms every 10 minutes. Of course, you can also book the highly digitalized mini-conference rooms for the whole day.

Silent Cubes: Or think tanks for deep work, for confidential conversations in very small groups – such as contract negotiations – or even for Skype and Facetime calls with perfect reception and no distracting background noise. Digital or analog. The soundproofed cubes not only ensure greater productivity with deep concentration, but also a pleasant sense of well-being. The fronts are fully glazed, creating an inspiring mix of “right in the middle” and absolute peace. You can reserve the Silent Cubes in advance or simply use them when they are free.

Phone Booth: Protected (video) calling without eavesdroppers! For the short call or just for the strictly confidential part of the phone call, you can quickly retreat to our phone booths. Socket, ventilation, sound insulation and a small storage table make the phone call comfortable. And the most important thing: they can be used free of charge with fair use by max. 30-45 minutes!

You can hold digital meetings in all of our locations. Are you interested in more information or do you already want to set up a digital meeting? Feel free to contact your director or our digital team at: