The new campaign #keepbusinessgoing

20. July 2022

Attention in times of crisis

Corona affects our lives in all areas – all planned marketing campaigns this year had to be thrown overboard. Were passé from one day to the next – simply no longer relevant. The messages no longer fit, the products were no longer what our customers expected or needed. And at this time, nothing is worse than empty, nonsensical messages. We now focus on products that make work and life easier now.

Today we present the first motif of our new campaign, with new statements, new content. Enjoy watching and reading. #keepbusinessgoing

“Sometimes success is created in the home office. Most of the time it is created at rest”

If you lack the peace and quiet to work at home: 5, 10 and 20 tickets for individuals or now also for companies without a contract commitment valid for all Satellite Office Workspaces. For your protection. #keepbusinessgoing #staysafe #protectyourself #splitup #keepyourdistance #wecareforyou