The last one turns off the light

01. September 2022

SME’s in autumn and winter

Do you know the saying “The last one turns off the light “? “Don’t worry, we don’t want to raise a finger right now and remind you of what we all (should) have learned at home. We would like to share our thoughts with you in this blog, to take you along in our thoughts and reflections for the coming months.

We all notice it in many places: costs are exploding, not only energy costs, travel costs, food, construction and craftsmen’s costs, but also the acquisition costs for raw materials and also for furniture, for example. The situation is worrying – especially for small and medium-sized enterprises. The government lacks coherent concepts on how to make resources available to the economy at affordable prices. There is no end in sight to the price increase.

How are small and medium-sized companies now positioning themselves to cope with this insane cost apparatus? Can we do anything to avert the cost explosion? Will we soon be riding the streetcar to the unheated office in thick knitted sweaters, as politicians are currently proposing? Are the “small” screws we have been turning for years enough? By this we mean things like not keeping windows tilted, but rather airing out the office a few times a day, which tends to counteract the corona measures, especially towards the “difficult fall.” Or do not use standby mode with IT, but turn it off and turn the faucet off hard. Or are these drops in the bucket? Unfortunately, we don’t have any answers, but we can only tell you that we are continuing to turn the small screws, that we are trying to make savings where it makes sense.

Our business model of “sharing office space” is once again proving its worth in these times: At least we don’t have to bear our energy costs in the office all by ourselves. Let’s see where the journey takes us. By the way, you only need to turn off the light in your offices when you leave. In the public areas you do not have to turn off the lights – we have already installed motion detectors many years ago 😉