The healthy choice.

29. September 2022

The INHESA Institute for Health & Selfcare successful at Satellite Office.

Mental health can be learned.

The INHESA Institute feels really well taken care of and understood by Satellite Office. Matching offices as a fitting statement of the health professionals’ areas of work for Health and Selfcare.

“Staying satisfied and productive in your life and work over the long term is no longer a given,” said Kara Pientka, executive director and lead instructional coach at INHESA. “Our life plans and our working conditions challenge us in many ways and it takes corresponding personal self-care strategies to master life well and to remain in one’s own center and strength.

INHESA, the Institute for Health & Selfcare has developed an approach that is unique in Europe, offering medically based coaching and accompanying people: “Out of unnecessary pressure and stress – into a coherent and energy-saving life plan!” This affects entrepreneurs, executives and private individuals who are exposed to high demands. INHESA accompanies them to the best possible quality of life and work. This can be in one-on-one coaching sessions. INHESA also supports renowned companies in the field of corporate health. This involves internal qualifications, mostly for managers, in the area of “Mental Health” and “Healthy Leadership”. “We take a preventive approach here, offering coaching and workshops, for mental health and to avoid the worst case scenario, such as burnout or stress-related serious illness,” says PD Dr. Frauke Bataille, the second owner and a medical doctor at INHESA.

Of course, Selfcare is also about topics such as more exercise, a healthy diet, sleep and regeneration. In fact, it is also about fundamentally reviewing one’s own life and work style and mindset. Because only people who are strong from within can make good decisions for themselves, take on real responsibility and master challenges in a resilient manner.

“Our institute has found the right space for this work. At Satellite Office in Berlin, we have the right ambience and, above all, the peace and quiet for concentrated work,” says Frauke Bataille.