The Hamburg Satellite Office turns five years old

19. July 2022

By Anita Gödiker, October 25, 2018

The Satellite Office Workspace in Hamburg is a small diamond that we have now spent five years polishing. It is certainly no coincidence that we have found our Hanseatic home in the historic jewelry house of Gutruf and Brahmfeld. Because I don’t believe in coincidences. I still remember very clearly how everyone told me that I would never find a historic, representative property for Satellite Office in Hamburg, location Jungferstieg/Alter Wall! But as you can see, things turned out differently. Yesterday we celebrated this stroke of luck brilliantly. With our dearest customers and friends, with super DJ music and best food from Hamburg’s leading caterer Wille & Martinez. And since we are sitting in the jewelry house we raffled off a diamond worth about 2,500 EUR among the attendees together with Rolf Zibung, diamond expert from Lucerne! The lucky winner was Katharina Frank . Congratulations to her too!

And again, I have heard in many conversations that the topic of coworking, flexible workplaces and workspaces – not only in Hamburg – is on everyone’s lips. More and more providers are sprouting up in the Hanseatic city. This is evidence of the unbroken trend toward this form of working. On the one hand, this has to do with digitalization, but certainly also with the individualization of our society. Many companies are outsourcing departments, and there has long since been no such thing as a permanent job for your entire working life. I discovered this supposedly new trend over twenty years ago and am now represented with eight coworking and business workspaces in Germany and Switzerland. Further workspaces – also in Hamburg – are being planned. We deliberately distinguish ourselves in quality, service, equipment and very professional teams. We are class, not mass.