The Gloria Berlin A house full of stories

20. July 2022

Homage to the elephants Carl and Mampe:
What was once planned as a marketing stunt….

The new workspace “Gloria Berlin” is a house full of stories! Today we report on the elephants Carl and Mampe, who will be given a special place at Satellite Office. Yes, they will experience a small renaissance! The relationship of the house Ku’damm 15 with Mampe is a close one: The former restaurant “Mampes Gute Stube” is located on the first floor of the new Workspace and there is a Mampe gin that was christened after the address “Ku’damm 15”, we have already told you about it.

Today we are talking about elephants! In 1951, the elephant was registered as a trademark by Carl Mampe AG, mainly to promote the specialty herbal bitters “Mampe Halb und Halb”. Since then, the elephant has adorned the bottles as a product tag. To this day, it remains the trademark of Mampe spirits.

In addition to the restaurants, another idea ensured further spread of the brand: in 1957, two dwarf elephants were christened “Carl” and “Mampe” at the Berlin Zoo. This not only raised the profile of the zoo but the liqueur was on its way to becoming a cult. Marketing more than 60 years ago was already very creative, you would hardly believe it! Berlin has also been a real hotspot for creatives.

Is it a coincidence that Satellite Office CEO Anita Gödiker is a passionate elephant collector? More than 300 elephants from all over the world are part of their collection! That’s why she was particularly keen for Carl and Mampe to live on at Ku’damm 15. “The fireplace room with its gorgeous tiled stove will get a gin bar and house elephants,” says Anita Gödiker. “So we’re always reminded of Carl and Mampe in the new workspace.” A circle closes here, as it is Anita Gödiker’s very special signature to combine history, present and future in interior design.