Success in the entertainment industry

20. July 2022

A TV Couple Discovers Flexible Workspaces & Coworking for Themselves

Entrepreneur, artist and TV face: Alex Jolig is still known to many from the first Big Brother season. At the time, it was a TV experiment that had never been done before. Alex Jolig got involved and gained national notoriety. His wife Britt is an entrepreneur, has among other things built up the online portal and successfully managed it for years. In the course of emigrating to the sunny island of Mallorca, Britt and Alex Jolig came across the opportunity to move into an office at Flexible Workspace in Düsseldorf.

In Düsseldorf, it is known to be somewhat less sunny. So how do the Jolig’s work when they are in Germany? “We need a place where we can work and have our meetings in peace,” Britt Jolig said. While Alex Jolig finds a mix of variety and quiet exciting, Britt needs complete quiet to work. “I work in different languages, need full concentration. I used to enjoy being all alone in the office late at night. I need to focus, I’m also sensitive to noise.” At Satellite Office, both find their place. The elements of the pureSilent-Line, such as sound-proofed workstations, quiet SilentCubes and a harmonious color scheme, suit the artist very well when working.

For entrepreneur Alex Jolig, good coffee in the best company in the bistro is a welcome change. “When I’m not texting or reading legal stuff, I like having life in the office,” he grins. “The mix of people is great at Satellite Office, we meet so many exciting people here!” the entrepreneur continues.

Just like a quiet place for office work, the artist couple needs space for meetings of all kinds. Often for brainstorming sessions or projects that are not yet ripe for discussion. Experts from a wide variety of fields come together at one table: media people, creative people, artists, and sometimes even tax consultants or lawyers. “Satellite Office appeals to people from all backgrounds; there is no fear of contact,” says Britt Jolig, describing her positive experience at Satellite Office.

Incidentally, the entrepreneurial couple is overwhelmed by the discreet, friendly service in the Düsseldorf office. “It’s a great idea that the front men and women of the individual locations come from the five-star hotel industry! Nobody would think of that, it’s so great, it’s very clever,” Britt Jolig is enthusiastic. The director of the Workspace in Düsseldorf, for example, has never struck her as a business graduate with a sharp pencil. “He is a host through and through. And with a high level of discretion to boot. That’s great for our industry,” says the entrepreneur. We think so too and say:

“Welcome”, Britt & Alex Jolig!