Satellite Office meets: Enpal Evangelist Dr Wolfgang Gründinger

22. June 2023

Many young teams from the Enpal company can often be found at Satellite Office in Berlin in recent months. Especially the roof terrace and the conference rooms are increasingly booked by the innovative green tech company for meetings and smaller events. Reason enough to introduce Enpal in our BLOG!

Dr Wolfgang Gründinger – Chief Evangelist at Enpal

Enpal has been around for six years now and, with over a thousand employees, is one of the fastest growing green tech companies in Europe. The company sells and rents out solar systems, heat pumps and e-charging stations to private customers. Prominent investors include Leonardo DiCaprio, the Zalando founders and Elon Musk’s cousin Peter Rieve. Enpal is Germany’s first green tech unicorn. The company sees itself as an important part of the energy turnaround because it can provide customers with holistic packages that do a lot for the environment.

“Our customers get an all-in-one solution from us for a climate-friendly home. After an on-site appointment, the heat pump, solar system and or e-energy can usually be installed after four to eight weeks,” says Dr. Wolfgang Gründinger, who as Chief Evangelist is something of a foreign minister at Enpal, in an interview with Satellite Office. In addition to an app that the company has developed, the customer can check and control his energy consumption independently. The software is so intelligent that customers can even give and sell energy to other places if you have some left over. By the way, the job description “evangelist” comes from the 80s, from Apple. Steve Jobs saw himself as an evangelist who wanted to bring a PC into every household and thus significantly changed people’s lives, work and thinking. Wolfgang Gründinger, Enpal’s evangelist: “We at Enpal want to bring solar roofs, heat pumps and e-charging stations into all households. That will do something to people, their behaviour will change. Our customers will then already look up how much energy they use in the app every day – also to optimise that. That changes their lives and they become energy-conscious! They suddenly find it cool to talk about energy. That is our goal.” The investment in these new systems is quite high for private individuals, but Enpal has good news here too: “We make a fixed price guarantee, so you know exactly what you’ll get out in the end”. Gründinger explains that Germany is unfortunately one of the laggards in Europe when it comes to heat pumps. This makes it all the more important to spread the word about the possibilities that also exist with Enpal! When asked how sustainable Dr Wolfgang Gründinger himself lives, he answers sympathetically: “Let he who is without Co2 cast the first stone! We are incredibly proud that we can work for the energy transition. Whether in the office or outside on the construction site. You like to tell people where you work for what.” Thank you for the interview, dear Dr Wolfgang Gründinger.