Satellite Office in the WZ – News from Königsallee

20. July 2022

News from the Königsallee

In an article in the Westdeutsche Zeitung from Düsseldorf, the daily newspaper reports on Satellite Office and the increased demand for flexible workplaces.

Satellite Office recently doubled its workspace in Düsseldorf’s prime location on the Kö, putting it a nose ahead of the trend.

An additional 27 offices of all sizes and two meeting rooms have been added. And this in the same, distinguished Girardet house, one floor up. The well-rehearsed Satellite Office team can therefore take over seamlessly and provide all guests with the usual world-class service. The offices are air-conditioned and have new soundproof windows.

Dominik Bornewasser, Director at Satellite Office in Düsseldorf: “The demand for flexible workplaces is high for us – even though we are the city’s “hidden champion”. With the expansion, we can finally offer exclusive individual and team offices again.”

The WZ also sheds light on the reasons for the rising demand. For example, the sometimes difficult conditions in the home office and the increasing flexibilization of workplaces, even at large companies, are cited as the main reasons.

Anita Gödiker: Companies want to minimize risk and maximize flexibility. They’re looking for opportunities that don’t involve long commitments and still allow them to grow as well.”