Salut a Genève!

20. July 2022

Satellite Office opens new location in Geneva

Geneva is the second largest city in Switzerland, an important hub for the global financial market. Located at the foot of Mont Blanc, the metropolis is home to many international organizations such as WTO, CERN, WHO, WMO and the Red Cross. An ideal location for the European (financial) economy – and therefore for Satellite Office!

As planned, in the fourth quarter of 2022 we will open a new location for the highest demands in a prime location in Geneva. The finishing work has already begun. With a lot of heart and soul we create individual workplaces, luxurious offices and conference rooms that will inspire you. No matter what you are looking for in Switzerland – an exclusive headquarters for your company, a representative branch in Switzerland or fully equipped flexible workplaces for your teams, the new location in Geneva offers ideal conditions. We also have our unique flair in our luggage: pleasant tranquility for productive work, driving pioneering spirit for innovation and human warmth with a feel-good character blend together within the framework of our exclusive design concept to create your Best Office!

On more than 1000 square meters over two floors, 21 individual and team offices of various sizes, the corona-conditionally valuable digital rooms, telephone booths, elegant bistros and three exquisite meeting rooms including a fireplace lounge will be created by late fall. All offices and open spaces have state-of-the-art WLAN connections and are equipped with the latest technologies. The Satellite Office in Geneva will be furnished according to the award-winning room concept pureSilent® by Satellite Office. This holistic space concept won the Iconic Award in the Interior Design category for the best office space design in Germany in October 2021 and has been nominated for further awards.

Satellite Office Geneva

Location, location, location

The new Satellite Office is located on Rue de la Corraterie, right in the heart of this charming cosmopolitan city. The venerable palace called “Hotel de Banque” is accessible from three major boulevards, Rue de la Confédération, Rue de la Cité and Rue de la Corraterie. The building is one of Switzerland’s iconic, venerable banking institutions with a history that goes back more than a hundred years. It is easy to work successfully in this atmosphere. Also with this location we serve the highest demands on an exclusive company location.

Quality of life and work

The famous quality of life in Switzerland is reflected in the city of Geneva, located between the Alps and the Jura mountains, against the backdrop of Mont Blanc at the southern tip of Lake Geneva. The French influence is not only noticeable in the language, but also in the gastronomic scene and in the city’s many small artist quarters. So working in Geneva is a pure pleasure, because even outside our Satellite Office it is possible to live in style. Many restaurants await business people, the lake and massive mountains are breathtaking and inspire fresh thoughts and new ideas. Not to mention the time after the official closing time – in and around the Geneva Satellite Office, hardly any wish remains unfulfilled.

For questions about our new location as well as reservations, please contact directly.