Room without a roof

20. July 2022

Your office under the open sky

Summer is finally here! Everything in us strives for light and sun. Why not work outside in the fresh air today, take advantage of your short breaks and short meetings, and recharge your vitamin D batteries. In most Satellite Offices you will find roof terraces, balconies or a courtyard with plenty of light and fresh air. Isn’t that the real luxury this week?

In addition to the good air, Satellite Office outdoor areas are equipped with high-quality furniture and stable wi-fi connections, so you can easily combine work and weather perfectly. Where do you find that already? Coupled with a delicious coffee from the excellent coffee makers and fresh filtered water, there is no better place to work on nice days.

However, the open-air office not only increases well-being but is also a source of peace and inspiration. Those who want to work in a concentrated manner often find a form of relaxation outside and their thoughts flow faster. Of course, there are a few things to keep in mind – after all, preparation is everything:

  • Will the battery last long enough for time in the fresh air?
  • How much rest do I need for my task?
  • Are others allowed to see my elaborations?

If these things are thought out in advance, you can make the most of your time outside! You can use Satellite Office’s outdoor areas at these locations:

House Cumberland – Roof terrace
KUD15 Gloria Berlin – Roof Terrace

Gutrufhaus – inner courtyard

Roof terrace and perimeter balconies

Old hop post: green courtyard

Roof terrace

Good luck, good health and flowing thoughts in your fresh air satellite office!