Rent an office in Stuttgart – 6 advantages in a business center

18. July 2023

In the competitive real estate market of Stuttgart renting an office that meets all your requirements can become a real challenge. Especially on the highly sought-after Königstrasse, Stuttgart’s business center, high rents and contract terms are standard. In this blog article, we explain the advantages of renting an office at Satellite Office Stuttgart over traditional office rental, and how it can save you money, time and staff.

  1. Cost efficiency
  2. Flexibility
  3. Representative address
  4. Everything under one roof
  5. Trained staff
  6. Sustainability

Rent office in Stuttgart – your perfect office space instead ofunused office space

With every business expense, business leaders around the world ask themselves the same question, “Is this expense cost-effective?” Especially when it comes to an ongoing cost, such as the rent of an office, it is essential not to be guided by pure emotions and to make a rational decision. But that doesn’t mean that you should therefore rent cold open-plan offices with no style in B locations. At Satellite Office, you can make a confident business decision while renting first-class office space in prime locations. The biggest cost items for an office in Stuttgart Mitte are office rent and office staff. In a business Center you do not have to pay for all the office space you use. You only pay for your office, whether you choose a single office, team office, shared office or executive office is up to you. The cost of the open space, kitchen, reception area and charming rooftop terrace is shared with all tenants in the business center, resulting in significant cost savings. Of course, this also applies to utilities, insurance, cleaning, high speed internet / telephone, electricity and the second major cost: office service staff. Not only is it expensive to hire employees for secretarial work and phone service, but every business owner knows how difficult it can be to find qualified and reliable staff. Our trained service personnel specialize in office services and work at the highest level. The team supports you in all organizational tasks, and gives you and your employees the opportunity to focus fully on your core business.

Office space Stuttgart
Team office in Stuttgart – K35

Flexible office rent in Stuttgart – short terms according to your needs

Today’s working world is in a constant state of change – and so are your requirements for your office in Stuttgart Mitte. Long terms have long been out of fashion – in reality, unfortunately, they are part and parcel of most office spaces. With us you are completely flexible, your team grows or shrinks? We increase or decrease the number of your workstations. Do you have a project team that needs to work particularly closely together for 6 months? We will prepare a team office for you with a term of 6 months. You are a service provider and rarely need a representative office to hold business meetings? Rent a business address with us and hold your appointments in our day office. You can even rent this office by the hour – more flexibility is not possible!

Rent an office at Stuttgart’s best address – upgrade for your business card

When you rent an office in Stuttgart Mitte, Satellite Office also gives you one of the most prestigious business addresses in the city. Thus, you can register your company’s registered office in the commercial register and immensely enhance both your physical business card and your digital business card – the imprint of your website. The most famous boulevard in Stuttgart – the Königstraße makes new customers or business partners sit up and take notice, radiates seriousness and ensures a certain trust even before the start of negotiations in your luxuriously furnished office. This is just as true for an online store; many users who are unsure whether the website they are visiting is trustworthy first take a look at the imprint. An address like Königstraße 35 quickly dispels any concerns.
If you do most of your business from a home office and do not need physical office space on a regular basis, we also offer you the option of renting a company-only office from us. Just contact us!

Office services, meeting rooms, modern offices, unique network – all in one Stuttgart center

Renting an office in a business center in Stuttgart offers a decisive advantage – you have a completely comprehensive office world at your disposal at all times. In addition to your exclusive office, you can rent our meeting rooms, which are unique in Stuttgart, by the hour at discounted rates. Our excellent staff will welcome your guests and supervise the smooth running of your event – all you have to do is take care of your agenda. We are also happy to support you with service work such as telephone service, postal service and our unlimited parcel acceptance service at the highest level. Networking in our Open Space in Stuttgart should also not be underestimated. Here, lawyers stand next to online entrepreneurs and tax consultants at the coffee machine, which always leads to lively exchanges of professionals and new business relationships.

Trained staff with focus on office services

In reality, many activities that require running an office are often performed by employees whose core competencies lie in other areas. The Satellite Office staff will accompany your everyday business at 5-star hotel level. Your guests will be excellently welcomed at the counter and directed to your office or meeting room, which will be serviced upon request and drinks or catering will be served to create an optimal meeting experience. Furthermore, our staff will take care of your office service at the highest level. We employ people who are completely focused on performing office work in the best possible way. This reduces the potential for errors, decreases the processing time of tasks and gives you more time for your core business – because we take care of training and further education.

Nachhaltige Büromiete in Stuttgart – Sharing is Caring is Sustainable

Sustainability was one of the focus topics when planning our modern offices in Stuttgart. Resources have been treated carelessly in the office world for long enough – no company can afford to do without sustainable working. At Satellite Office, we’ve been sustainable since our founding because with one of our guiding principles, “Sharing is Caring,” sustainability is in its nature. Sharing is sustainable, starting with things like the shared coffee maker or shared printer and continuing to shared spaces like conference rooms, which in many companies are unused 90% of the time but consume costs and resources. Anita Gödiker gave a talk on this very topic a few weeks ago – read more!