PureSilent in the press – Satellite Office’s new line is enormously well received

20. July 2022

The renowned specialist for sound insulation and acoustics, Strähle Raum-Systeme, was on board as a partner in the development of the new pureSilent®-Line. Recently, Strähle issued a press release on the subject.

Important impulses and numerous technical discussions between Anita Gödiker, CEO Satellite Office and Florian Strähle, Managing Director of Strähle, brought the groundbreaking findings for the pureSilent®- Line: Quietness for concentrated work and that in the best company. Thus, interior architecture and design were aligned with these two coordinates. Glass systems from Strähle separate the open communication zones from the office units and form retreats in different variants. Where discretion is desired, curtains serve as privacy screens.

The most modern workspaces in Germany have been created in Frankfurt and Hamburg. Read the full press release from Straehle here:

All-glass systems from Strähle support Deep Working

Pressebox®, Waiblingen, 23.6.2020: Satellite Office is one of the pioneers of modern coworking in Germany. Started in Berlin over 20 years ago, the company founded and managed by Anita Gödiker offers exclusive coworking spaces in leading business metropolises always in prime locations. With “pureSilent”, Satellite Office has developed a new room and design concept that gives top priority to a quiet working atmosphere. It was implemented for the first time in the new Satellite Office at Opernplatz in Frankfurt.

In collaboration with Kölling Architekten, a flexible workspace was created in the heart of the Main metropolis on an area of 2,600 m² that offers one thing above all: plenty of space to think and focus on the essentials. This is combined with carefully designed acoustics that optimally support concentrated work. Clear shapes, puristic design and sustainable materials complete the idea of “Deep Working” in a representative environment. A positive side effect of this room concept is that the distance regulations and hygiene measures currently in force to protect against the corona virus can be implemented very easily.

All forms of a modern and agile working environment are available to users here: silent cubes, individual and team offices, meeting rooms of different sizes, as well as open communication islands and bistro areas that can be used flexibly. The room-high, frameless all-glass system 3400 from Strähle provides a working environment that promotes concentration. It separates the open communication zones from the office units and forms places of retreat in different variations. Where discretion is desired, curtains serve as privacy screens.

Owner Anita Gödiker sees “pureSilent” as “the logical consequence of consistent further development aimed at meeting different and changing customer needs”. Due to the realization that concentration and productive work are difficult without silence, the desire for silence is growing. Satellite Office has brought various partners on board for the development of the pureSilent line. As a specialist in sound insulation and acoustics, Strähle Raum-Systeme was involved in the creation of the new room concept and is supplying partition wall and room-in-room systems for the new locations that meet the high functional and formal requirements of these innovative workspaces in prime locations.