Opening Second Floor Stuttgart K35

04. March 2024

Right in the heart of innovation

Hello, Stuttgart! The city that is famous for Swabian precision, high-tech bolides and, of course, spaetzle, is currently turning into Europe’s think tank. No wonder that we at Satellite Office are right in the middle of the action with our new location at Königstrasse 35.

Whether Daimler, Porsche or Bosch: the spirit of innovation pulsates in Stuttgart. And it is precisely this spirit that drives us. In our modern office complex, start-ups, SMEs and established companies will find the perfect breeding ground to realize their visions.

Silicon Valley sends its regards? Not quite. Because in Heilbronn, just a stone’s throw from Stuttgart, the the largest counterpart to Silicon Valley: the Artificial Intelligence Innovation Park (Ipai). This is where an ecosystem of the future, in which AI-based software products and solutions are developed.

Music of the future? Not at all! Artificial intelligence has long since found its way into our everyday lives. And we are right in the middle of it! You can be part of this exciting development at our Satellite Office in Stuttgart.

The second floor is ready! From now on you can rent 8 new offices in Stuttgart where you can give free rein to your creativity. Whether individual office, team office or coworking space – with us you will find the perfect environment for your individual needs.

Even more space for your visions:

  • State-of-the-art equipment with everything you need
  • Flexible rental periods – according to your requirements
  • Inspiring community for exchange and networking
  • Perfect location in the heart of Stuttgart

And if you are still undecided as to whether the Swabian metropolis is the right place for you – here are a few decision-making aids:

1. strong economy: Stuttgart is the economic metropolis of the southwest and is home to many large companies such as Daimler, Bosch and Porsche. The city has a very low unemployment rate and a high gross domestic product per capita.

2. Excellent infrastructure: Stuttgart has a excellent transport infrastructure with an international airport, a well-developed road network and a public transport system that is among the best in Germany.

3. qualified workforce: In Stuttgart and the surrounding area there are many colleges and universities that train a large number of qualified specialists.

4. innovative environment: Stuttgart is a very innovative city with a strong start-up scene. There are many funding programs for start-ups and young companies.

5. High quality of life: Stuttgart offers a very high quality of life with a wide range of leisure and cultural activities, beautiful surroundings and a well-developed infrastructure.

6. Central location: Stuttgart is located in the heart of Europe and is therefore an ideal location for companies that operate internationally.

7. Favorable trade tax: The trade tax in Stuttgart is comparatively low.

8. supporting networks: There are many networks and initiatives in Stuttgart that support entrepreneurs.

9. international flair: Stuttgart is an international city with a high proportion of residents with a migrant background.

10. diverse industries: Many different industries are represented in Stuttgart, so there is the right location for every company.

In summary, Stuttgart is an ideal location for companies that want to benefit from a strong economy, an excellent infrastructure, a qualified workforce, an innovative environment and a high quality of life.

Here is some additional information to help you decide whether you should set up your business in Stuttgart:

  • The city of Stuttgart offers a range of support programs for companies wishing to locate or expand in the city.
  • The IHK Region Stuttgart offers a free initial consultation for business start-ups.
  • Landesbank Baden-Württemberg offers a special financing program for start-ups.

We hope this information will help you in your decision.

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