“Night of the Dolphin” – Social commitment

19. July 2022

Düsseldorf fashion icon Uta Raasch in conversation with Anita Gödiker.

Taking responsibility with a zest for life.

When 450 people from business, show business and private business come together for the “Night of the Dolphins” gala at Düsseldorf’s Interconti Hotel, there is a special atmosphere in the air. “Happy to do good” is the great common denominator. For this, Anita Gödiker also likes to change her business suit into a gala gown. Friend Uta Raasch supports with professional tips.

Anita Gödiker first met the founder of Dolphin Aid, Kiki Kuhnert, a good five years ago. She attended the “Night of the Dolphin” as ball escort for Marcus Vitt, Chairman of the Board of Donner & Reuschel. In a moving talk, Kiki Kuhnert told about her association, which she founded in 1995 due to her personal fate. Her young son had a serious accident and fell into a coma. A very expensive dolphin therapy brought significant progress. Since then, Kiki Kuhnert has been collecting donations to enable as many affected people as possible to receive such therapy.

Anita Gödiker has been involved in helping traumatized people for years and immediately made the decision to also get involved with Dolphin Aid. After all, she is deeply convinced that successful companies must take responsibility. Not only for their own customers and employees but also beyond. Commitment to social causes is an important part of a well-functioning society. Over the past four years, Satellite Office has hosted many fundraisers to benefit Dolphin Aid, which have been gratefully received. Satellite Office is happy to provide services and rooms to this association as well. Kiki Kuhnert was named Satellite Office brand ambassador in 2018.