New exhibition: “Life is a mix of colors”.

19. July 2022

Satellite Office Zurich becomes a wonderful place of colors

We welcome the new year in Zurich with new pictures on the wood-paneled walls. The young Ukrainian artist Yelena Sindyeyeva presents her colorful paintings at our Zurich location. It is the first solo exhibition of the artist, her excited mood she passed on to the guests and made this evening unforgettable. A great start to the new year!

The theme of the exhibition “Life is a mix of colors” reflects the inner attitude and soul of the artist. The well-known curator Michéle Victor Adamski created a wonderful place of colors in the Satellite Office Zurich with a very special selection and placement of the pictures. Michéle Victor Adamski about the exhibition: “The greatest fear of any artist is to be misunderstood by the viewer. The vision of a visual artist differs, especially when the narrative is hidden. Thus, viewing a work can lead to different interpretations. Painter Yelena Sindyeyeva need not fear this – her art speaks directly from her heart and is easily accessible.”

Managing director and owner Anita Gödiker led through the evening and could come up with a nice anecdote in her New Year’s speech. After all, at the end of her speech she had warm greetings from the artist’s “biggest fan”: Anita Gödiker’s mother. Yelena Sindyeyeva had portrayed them without further ado at the first meeting for the opening. “For that, my mother loves Yelena Sindyeyeva dearly” laughs the entrepreneur.

Don’t miss this beautiful, colorful, fun-loving exhibition at the Zurich Satellite Office. Take it as an opportunity to work once in Open Space in Zurich. As a Satellite Office member, you have this great opportunity. “Life is a Mix of Colors” can be experienced until the end of March 2020.