New brand identity for Satellite Office

20. July 2022

Evolution instead of revolution, more purist and above all full concentration on rest and productivity

New colors, face-lifted logo, new images. Introducing our new brand identity. Yes, we are launching a new webpage – in times like these! Especially now, because we want to set a sign that it always goes on. There is a successful “after”, we are setting the course right now.

I would like to explain to you the ideas and strategies behind our new brand image. Since its inception twenty-three years ago, the Satellite Office brand has stood for humanity, authenticity, professionalism, the highest quality and absolute dedication. We want to continue the success story of the Satellite Office brand visually as well. That is why we have continued to develop our services and our brand strategy. The new “pureSilent®” focus in our core area of flexible workspaces is an evolution. Digitization is changing work content, work behavior and, ultimately, workplace requirements. We have complied with this and thought ahead. We have already opened the first “pureSilent®” workspace in Frankfurt. Along with the new “pureSilent®” line, we are moving into the future with a focus on quiet and concentration in external communication as well. This is now reflected in the expanded, new logo, typeface and imagery.

Our brand strategy: evolution instead of revolution, more purist and, above all, full concentration on calm and productivity.

The relaunch also brings Satellite Office visually into the age of digitalization and at the same time ties in with the brand’s tradition. The focus is on the combination of an emotional but clear design with a concentration on the essentials. My motivation 23 years ago was, and still is, to create quality, professional workplaces and share them with each other. To jointly manage costs and office services, but also to make valuable human connections. The new brand philosophy leaves out the superfluous to make room for the important. It directs attention to the key messages and communicates authentically. The new logo, new typography and new tonality follow the guiding principle for calmness and authenticity. The restrained colors and geometric shapes become a platform where the content is in the foreground – the offer speaks for itself.

Have fun discovering the new webpage! We are very interested in how you like it, what you like, what you may like less. Please use the following email address for your welcome feedback: