Networking at its’ best: Womanlike

19. July 2022

By Anita Gödiker, June 26, 2018

Last night, Düsseldorf-based entrepreneurs Natalie Heydarian, Sabine Lindner and Petra Schlieter-Gropp invited me to give a keynote speech at their women’s network “WomenLike”.

It was a complete success! I spoke about “Living more beautifully in the office. How we want to and will work in the future”. With the participants, I went on a journey into the working world of the future: About the demands of a professional career that allows for a longing for self-determination, freedom and creativity – coupled with sufficient time for family and leisure. About the design of workplaces into inviting oases with more quality of life and more exchange among each other. Will work become a self-determined consumer experience?and we are already in the middle of it, in the middle of the future. My presentation led to stimulating conversations. What do you think? Are we already in the future? Is your workplace already part of a consumer experience? I look forward to your opinions!