Looking for a new office in Hamburg?

20. July 2022

With these golden rules, you will find exactly the office that suits you best

Most likely, renting a new office is not part of your day-to-day business. “There is an increasingly high demand for advice from office tenants on how to put more flexible working environments into practice,” reports Anita Gödiker, CEO of Satellite Office. “We are very happy to comply with this, because it is close to our hearts to provide everyone with their perfect office,” says the specialist for flexible working. The Hamburg real estate market in particular has been tight for years and leasing activity is increasing again due to the ongoing vaccination campaign, especially towards the 2nd half of 2021. The supply of high-quality office space in prime locations remains low. Especially if the office is to be rented affordably and with both moderate deposit payments and clear notice periods. And this brings us to the first golden rule:

Golden rule #1: Rent office space flexibly: avoid high deposits and long-term notice periods! Why? Because their business is constantly changing, their private situation can change and we have learned through Corona that a completely new starting point for our lives can develop from one day to the next. Stay flexible!

Golden rule #2: Get advice. If you are planning to set yourself up in the flexible working world, i.e. the “New Work”, get some advice. There are many advantages that they should definitely know before making your decision. You can find out more about this online and arrange a no-obligation consultation appointment with our Hamburg team.

Golden rule #3: Always go to the best address in town. It’s worth it! A good address underpins the good image of your company. The address ensures that they can play in a certain league, opens doors for you. The Satellite Office on Neuer Wall in Hamburg is the best starting point in the Hanseatic city.

Golden Rule #4: Make sure you have a decent infrastructure at work. When renting your office, make sure you do NOT have to worry about office cleaning and coffee supplies. After all, you should concentrate on your core business.

Golden Rule #5: Make sure you have quality office equipment. Height-adjustable tables, ergonomic chairs, sufficient light and space. All this boosts your performance and is a totally underrated contribution to your health.

Golden Rule #6: Feel out your potential new office with all five senses before leasing: See, smell, taste, feel and hear your way into the new environment. Satellite Office focuses on the experience of all senses in the design of its offices, because they serve our perception. Only those who feel good all around can perform at their best!

Golden Rule #7: Be quick, spot rare opportunities. For example, there are just a few offices available at Satellite Office am Alten Wall in Hamburg, which is very rarely the case! Call us right away and arrange a viewing appointment.

Will I see you at the Satellite Office in Hamburg? We would be pleased and say goodbye with a hearty “Moin, moin from Hamburg” – After all, you can always say that here!