Laila Hamidi – A Star is born

20. July 2022

Düsseldorf, the city of fashion, fashion shows and international designers. An environment in which Laila Hamidi feels at home today. “For fashion, Königsallee is great!” How good that Satellite Office in Düsseldorf can come up with this address. Because Laila Hamidi has her office there now! She is one of the most renowned stylists for makeup and fashion in the world. Eva Longoria, Alek Wek, Karolina Kurkova or Bar Rafaeli, the A-list of celebrity clients goes on and on. Laila Hamidi loves what she does, which is probably the biggest secret of her success. And you can feel that in every one of her sentences. She has become famous for the sustainability of her styling approach. She sees the person as a whole, gets to know him or her in the consultation and then sets a single, very personal focus for the grand entrance on the red carpet. “It could be the eyes or the hair or a great ‘it’ piece.” Around it, a coherent, overall visual concept with make-up, jewelry, shoes and clothing is then created. Like a small work of art. “I get to work with a lot of high-luxury brands, get to let everything go through my hands, get to feel the fabrics and touch the sometimes million-dollar jewels – what a girl’s dream!”

From stylist to product developer

Head-to-toe styling is insanely well received around the world. With the valuable experience of many years under her belt, Laila Hamidi has developed a beauty product that was previously missing from the market. “When I style my clients, I mix makeup very individually. It can be a day cream with a concealer, or different makeup tones for the skin, or a lipstick of several colors that perfectly matches the dress.” Every woman knows what a little treasure it is! Until now, you couldn’t take these unique products with you, which meant that the makeup never turned out as good as the original. That is different now. Laila Hamidi has developed a makeup brush in four sizes, each of which can hold a portion of the individual’s makeup. For brows, eyes, skin and lips. The brush comes quite slim, is perfect for the handbag. This makes touch-up a breeze throughout the evening and is of the finest quality without lugging around lots of different beauty products. And this great product is not reserved for celebrities – the luxury department store Breuninger immediately took it into their program and also at Douglas the Laila Hamidi Brush is available for everywoman.

From the war in Afghanistan to the star of the stylists

The success stories that are particularly heartwarming always have a serious background. That’s the way it is in this story. Laila Hamidi grew up in the war in Afghanistan, in an environment that most of us only know from the television news. At the age of 15, the family fled to Holland. One can only imagine how much agony, pain and deprivation are behind such a flight and how difficult a new beginning must be for a large family. The father nevertheless insisted on studies for Laila and her siblings. In the family there are doctors, judges and diplomats – it should stay that way. Although her heart was already set on cosmetics and fashion, Laila Hamidi decided to study business and marketing in Rotterdam. “I was just too bad at drawing for fashion design,” she says with a grin. Then the story takes a classically beautiful path, Laila Hamidi meets her husband, goes with him to Germany and has a little boy. All’s well that ends well? Of course not, we live in the year 2020! The small family moved from Munich to Düsseldorf and Laila Hamidi wanted to turn her heart’s hobby, fashion and cosmetics, into a job. “I worked hard for years, representing Dior, working with Sisley, representing fashion brands. Then I wanted to develop something of my own from my know-how,” says Laila Hamidi. The idea of the stylist grew and became big. The rest is known. As simple as it sounds today, the star stylist emphasizes, “I started my professional career at minus zero!”

Arrived in Düsseldorf – Laila Hamidi’s favorite place in the Satellite Office

At a lecture a few years ago, Laila Hamidi met Satellite Office founder Anita Gödiker. At the Düsseldorf Business Club, at the invitation of the WomenLike network, Gödiker spoke about workplaces of the future. “This lecture impressed me and I started researching Satellite Office,” Hamidi reports today. She couldn’t get Satellite Office out of her head – and now she’s here! With Laila Hamidi, even more fashion moved into the Düsseldorf location. The Satellite Office has already been the stage for a large photo shoot by Laila Hamidi. By the way, her favorite place is the fireplace lounge with a view of Königsallee. We are delighted that Laila Hamidi is working with us and will be happy to play fly on the wall when the next celebrity finds their way to the fireplace lounge or the day office in Düsseldorf….Thank you, Laila Hamidi.