20. July 2022

After two architecture awards now the admission to the exclusive MEISTERKREIS of German companies

Leica, Porsche, Walter Knoll or Porzellanmanufaktur Nymphenburg: The almost 100 members of the Meisterkreis include only those who stand for luxury, the highest quality and craftsmanship from Germany. Satellite Office is now a new addition!

Clemens Pflanz is founder and chairman of the Meisterkreis. The association was founded in 2011, the members of the MEISTERKREIS stand for the “culture of excellence” in and from Germany. Excellence is achieved through a business model that emphasizes intellectual property, craftsmanship and engineering, the aura of specialness, selective distribution, and new market development. The combined know-how of all members is used to support the entire German SME sector.

At the same time, admission to the master circle is not easy. Meisterkreis members stand for the highest standards in quality and design, provide first-class service and enjoy a high reputation. They must be represented internationally and managed from Germany. Companies cannot apply for admission, it works only by invitation and board resolution.

Anita Gödiker, CEO of Satellite Office: “When I was approached by the Meisterkreis for membership, it was a real accolade! I am pleased and proud that we, Satellite Office, are now considered a company that has achieved the exclusivity to be included here.”

Satellite Office has increasingly become a premium provider of workspaces in recent years, thanks in part to the high demands of its customers. At the latest with the introduction of the new corporate philosophy pureSilentÓ, which deliberately addresses all five human senses, creates air and space for successful work and ensures a luxurious working environment through a noble interior design peppered with handpicked – in some cases even handmade – furniture, Satellite Office is setting milestones in the industry. Specially trained, multilingual teams provide the perfect office service with heart and keep customers’ backs free. Thus, more and more high-profile companies from Germany and abroad are looking for jobs at Satellite Office. The Group can thus continue to grow and expand its unique selling propositions. It’s a perfect fit for the Master Circle, and membership takes Satellite Office a step further again.

Anita Gödiker: “Our business model was controversial for a long time, many landlords were even suspicious of it. Today, owners are clamoring for us! Things are changing steadily right now, the class we have achieved is being noticed.” This is evidenced not only by the Master Circle but also by two architectural awards Satellite Office has received in the last twelve months. “I am looking forward to many exciting encounters in the Meisterkreis and, above all, many great companies that want to work in our Satellite Offices and enrich our network!” concludes Anita Gödiker.