Interview with Monica Leierhaus

19. July 2022

Charity Golf Cup 2018

Satellite Office had the opportunity to conduct a personal interview with Monica Lierhaus for you. All friends and customers of Satellite Office are welcome to the golf tournament! Monica Lierhaus: “The great atmosphere and the people had touched me deeply last year, the kindness and helpfulness were absolutely extraordinary. I am sure- with your support- it can be a special and emotional experience again this year to do good together…”

Anita Gödiker, CEO of Satellite Office and many celebrities will also be playing, join us! From 8-10 June 2018 at the Scharmützelsee.

Dear Monica Lierhaus, the Charity Golf Cup is now in its second year. What is your motivation to put on such a big event again?

Monica Lierhaus: “Unfortunately, I had to experience first-hand what it’s like to be dependent on outside help, and I was very lucky that there were incredibly great people who supported me. I would like to give something back to others from this luck and contribute a little bit to the improvement of their terrible situation. And quite honestly, when we held this event for the first time last year, I was overwhelmed by the warmth and sympathy of all the participants, to whom I had to firmly promise to enter again this year, so that even more friends and acquaintances could participate. So I had no choice at all…”

How important is it to you that we from the SME sector also support?

Monica Lierhaus: “This is really very important to me, because only through this personal commitment can we get this event off the ground together to help as many people as possible who are affected. You wouldn’t believe how many corporations or large companies I receive refusals from because “corporate policy has other priorities and orientations,” even though the people behind them would actually be very happy to participate. It is precisely the small and medium-sized businesses that are so important for all of us that can still make decisions personally and thus have a completely different freedom of action and opportunities to get involved. Without the middle class, there would not be this, so special event…”

We would like to convince as many entrepreneurs from the Satellite Office network as possible to participate in your Golf Cup . From your point of view, why should they all come to Scharmützelsee?

Monica Lierhaus: “As a native of Hamburg, I originally wanted to organize the tournament near me, but when I got to know the beautiful resort and the possibilities on site, I was so enthusiastic that it was immediately clear that we could really create something special here. The great atmosphere and the people had touched me deeply last year, the kindness and helpfulness were absolutely extraordinary – I had never experienced this before at similar events. I am sure- with your support it can be a special and emotional experience to do good together again this year….

I look forward to seeing you – thank you very much.”