In the middle of the NOW – An interview with Kevin Bock.

20. July 2022

Kevin Bock is Operations Supervisor at Satellite Office in Berlin Mitte, in the Kaiserliche Postdirektion.

“How do you manage your day-to-day life with three kids and a full-time job at this particular time, Kevin Bock?”

To be completely honest, according to pretty much the same principle as usual, which is: “Gotta do it somehow!” Our two big ones are now almost three and a half years old (twins) and the little one is just under a year and a half. A lot of arrangements, a fair amount of improvisation and a little bit of chaos are simply part of everyday life. Nevertheless, the current situation is bringing us pretty close to the edge of our strength, because our children are not allowed to go to emergency care, I’m going back to work as normal, my wife is in the home office – the effectiveness is quite limited. We are very happy that the children are at least allowed to go to the playground again and that the ban on contact has been relaxed so that two households are now allowed to meet again. Our neighbors have two children who are similar in age to ours, people are helping each other more right now than they would at “normal times”. Completely without support, we don’t know what we would do….

Also, we are very fortunate that at least we don’t have to worry financially during the entire time, as both of our employers pay us 100% of our salary!