In the middle of NOW – Stories from the Satellite Office teams

20. July 2022

Florian Wolf is Director of Sales & Operations for all Satellite Offices. Normally, he works in his office on Berlin’s Ku’damm. At the moment, however, he is still in the home office on many days.

What is the compatibility of a home office job and family? What are your daily challenges, Florian Wolf?”

My experience with the “Corona Holidays”! – Quote from my oldest daughter (13 years)

There needs to be a clear daily schedule, which is created every Sunday together with our three children (6, 11, 13) for the next week. The day begins with the alarm clock at 7:30. Then comes the common breakfast at 8 o’clock and start of the homework is clearly defined from 9 o’clock, in order to be able to carry out then also the own vocational tasks with firm telephone conference – times well. Fixed lunch times are also set, especially to give the children a feeling of “school normality” as well. We set playtimes and media times as a “reward” that motivated the children to take responsibility for their own tasks. Real challenges arose when sports clubs, music schools and especially the teachers/parents of our children, understood their work in homeschooling more and more “professionally” and we had to answer, edit, scan or organize simultaneous telco’s up to 17 emails a day to the respective institution. As a result, we had to buy 3 more laptops and increase our internet capacity. Digitization – it is lived anew…

It is also interesting to note what kind of food consumption we had at one time, which was not quite visible by our children, especially during normal school hours. Regardless of how stressful and unusual this time is, we have also reacquainted ourselves with a great sense of community, trust and quality time, especially as a family. Covid 19 will permanently change our lives.