If the prophet does not come to the mountain…

20. July 2022

We bring digital events to all satellite offices with “Digital Suites

“Bringing the event to the guest when the guest can’t come to the event” is the motto of the hour. After all, we have a long series of canceled events, conferences and trade shows behind us. To make sure that doesn’t happen this year, we’re introducing “Digital Suites” today. For high class events that are guaranteed to take place.

For prestigious C-level events and for events that need much more than a video camera, we install an in-house film studio, we call it “Digital Suite”, in all Satellite Offices as needed. With our renowned partner Neumann & Müller, you can use the full range of modern digital live event technology in the most beautiful Satellite Office “Digital Suites” indoors and outdoors. Start your live presentation against the backdrop of Mainhattan in the Satellite Office in Frankfurt, or with a view of the Binnenalster in Hamburg. Neumann & Müller provides the perfect technology. All formats of live communication can be realized. Whether you are a single presenter who wants to speak to and interact with many hundreds of people, or you have simultaneous events taking place in multiple locations around the world that need to be synchronized. Or whether you want to realize a live product presentation in real time via augumented reality…the digital possibilities are almost unlimited.

All these formats can be realized at Satellite Office with immediate effect. The very big advantage for business people:

+ Perfect planning, no more cancellations.

++ Our renowned cooperation partner Neumann & Müller stands for the highest level of competence in the planning and implementation of digital events.

+++You don’t have to travel to a studio somewhere outside the city, but conveniently head for one of the satellite offices in a prime city location – or go right next door if you already have a job with us.

++++ There is no idle or waiting time between shoots. A big time eater for film work of all kinds. At Satellite Office, the best working facilities are available right next to the in-house studio. Seamlessly from the studio to the desk! Includes professional office assistance, if requested. And for those who want to fortify themselves in between, the bistros are available with excellent café, snacks and drinks.

Our renowned cooperation partner Neumann & Müller stands for the highest level of competence in the planning and implementation of digital events.

Come to stay: The future of digital events

In the future, it will be impossible to imagine the event industry without hybrid event formats, i.e. a mix of digital and analog. Many attendees won’t want to be physically present everywhere even after Corona, and a digital alternative to a presence event has many advantages for organizers as well. Because with hybrid events you reach significantly more participants and offer them the opportunity to experience the content multiple times. Sustainability – both in terms of content through reproducibility and in saving emissions through travel, is becoming an increasingly important issue.

A major factor is also the planning security offered by hybrid events. If a pandemic, severe weather, or the like makes it impossible to attend a face-to-face event, the digital, hybrid model offers far fewer uncertainty factors in planning. Thus, the digital event, whose development and acceptance was accelerated enormously by the pandemic, becomes a flower in the thick bouquet of event options.

Of course, we are not proclaiming the end of beloved presence events here, because warm people, a successful togetherness and delicious treats to enjoy together will certainly always remain a part of human needs. And that’s a good thing.

Stay tuned for “Digital Suites” at Satellite Office and find out shortly how you can implement your own digital event with us. You are also welcome to contact us personally in advance with any questions at +49 30 700 140 120!