Great climate

20. July 2022

What good air really means for daily work

Spring has begun and we are all enjoying the first rays of sunshine. We feel fitter and more powerful. An important factor in this is the fresh air that we now breathe in more. And good air is also a particularly important topic in the workplace.

Fatigue, difficulty concentrating, headaches and similar symptoms are often indications that the air quality is poor.

But with a few suggestions, it is quite easy to create a good climate in the office. We give you three tips for good air in the office, which you can implement in all satellite offices and also in the home office.

  • It’s the regularity that counts! It is recommended to ventilate properly before meetings or even a few minutes before sitting down at the desk. Even when you are in the office, you should not forget to ventilate in between and even after finishing work or the meeting, you should ventilate again for a few minutes. The more often, the better.
  • Better than putting the window on tilt is to open the window or door completely. This significantly reduces the number of viruses. And by the way, this works just as well with fresh air as with air from the air conditioner. What counts is the exchange of air.
  • If you feel that their office air is too dry, put a bowl of water on the heater. If they enrich the water with a drop of peppermint oil, it even works against headaches. Because peppermint oil is an all-natural pain reliever – especially for tension pain.

We wish you a perfect office day with fresh air and a little pinch of spring!