Goodbye 2021

20. July 2022

HELLO 2022!

A new year lies ahead of us. May it bring you happiness, success, but above all health. Our workspaces are waiting for you, your ideas and your spirit. The small, chance meetings at the coffee machine, the experience of a great conversation and the feeling of working in a powerful office community unites us. Because all of us together make up the atmosphere of our luxurious offices. Let’s take advantage of the magic of the new year and make something good out of it together.

For you, we continue to expand relentlessly this year so that you can work in satellite offices in Switzerland and other countries. So you have a place to go and a safe haven for meetings and to work. Of course, as always, in the usual beautiful surroundings, at the best address in town. We will further expand the financial axis that we already occupy with Hamburg, Frankfurt and Zurich. Many companies that deal with money in the broadest sense are already among our customers. The old and new economy are exactly in balance. Are you one of them? Or you are looking for a special location for your new company to be founded? Then you can be very excited about the news we will announce in the coming weeks.

In 2022, we will also celebrate our 25th anniversary. In addition to all the expansions, we will celebrate this with you. In many small but fine circles, as you know it from us. Let’s hope the pandemic doesn’t throw a spanner in the works. Either way, we will come together. We are really looking forward to this, because what and where would we be without you? Certainly not the leading provider of luxury workspaces!

Here’s to a new one!