Frankfurt – Live from the construction site

19. July 2022

Live from the construction site

A little dust has to be,…..from the construction site sales office in Frankfurt, Kathrin Hanisch and Anita Gödiker are currently renting out one office after another… the world is full of sunshine!

There is still hammering, lamps are scarce, but cables lush as wall and ceiling decorations and the carpet is still protected with a film. But we are in the home stretch! Finally, we can show interested customers the office. The many requests of the last months form a decent backlog, as we could only show a busy construction site so far. For a few days now, we have been bravely and dustily touring the (future) beautiful premises. It will! Impressive. However, the breathtaking views of the Opernplatz, the Alte Oper and the Mainhattan skyline from various terraces are already very impressive – especially in the evening. From time to time, the terraces are also just quite mundanely useful and serve their own vigorous dusting. And yet – maybe you can relate? – there is no place in Frankfurt where we would rather be working at the moment. Kathrin Hanisch, new director Frankfurt, may stay! She will be here every day from now on, while I leave after two full weeks of construction site enjoyment and move back in to unpack furniture from 02 December. In the luggage then the complete commissioning crew for IT, conference technology and setup. Of course, the Frankfurt team is united in its support. Come by now if you like, if you have interest or even need in Frankfurt. As of December 1, it will also be available in Frankfurt: the new “home port” for all Satellite Office members.

Phone: +49 69 153 294 400