First look through the keyhole

19. July 2022

Satellite Office will soon get a new look

Many have heard it, no one has seen anything yet. But there is some truth to the rumors: Satellite Office is getting a new website! But that’s not all by a long shot. In the course of the quantum leap to the new “pureSilent” concept, the appearance was also to undergo tangible and visible further development. For this purpose, the renowned advertising agency “Schindler Parent” was brought on board.

A look behind the scenes of redesign processes is always exciting. We managed to catch up with Anita Gödiker, CEO of Satellite Office, and Eugen Schindler, advertising industry icon and owner of Schindler Parent for a quick chat in the middle of the creative process.

Satellite Office: Anita Gödiker, what prompted the redesign of the corporate identity?

With the development of our new concept “pureSilent” and the focus on what is really important when working, namely silence, a new world opened up for us. We turned over every stone, backed up much of what we knew intuitively with figures and study results, and joined forces with medium-sized furniture and acoustic manufacturers. We discussed the implementations and finally planned a site that implemented all these findings. Now the product work is done and this should also be reflected outwardly! We have created something really great, and the world can now experience it and best of all “feel” it in the first contact with our brand. You need professionals to do this, which is why we hired the Schindler Parent agency as brand strategists.

Satellite Office: Anita Gödiker, what considerations went into revising the brand?

I don’t want to show a perfect advertising world! We want to become more human and lively in our appearance, take more of the customer’s perspective and tell authentic stories.”

Satellite Office: Anita Gödiker, what were the goals of the revision?

With the visual adaptation of the corporate design elements, we want to emphasize the strategic development of Satellite Office and ensure that the brand can also be used consistently as a corporate strategy tool in the future.

Satellite Office: Eugen Schindler, now we have heard what Satellite Office wants to achieve. How do you go about something like that? What were the first steps?

The first thing was to make the brand values visible. And you can’t do that from a hollow gut or by dying in beauty. The point is to consistently work out the values and match them with the values of the customers. We communicate into the intersection – in terms of content, visually and across all channels. In this way, we always have the most important thing in mind: customer benefit. Away from “What can we do?” to “What does the customer need?”. The best thing about it is that it allows us to stand out directly from the crowd.

Satellite Office: Eugen Schindler, what brand values should be conveyed? How do you see Satellite Office?

Satellite Office with Anita Gödiker at the helm leads the way – with performance and without hot air. Satellite Office stands for humanity, for authenticity, for professionalism, for highest quality, for absolute dedication. Deep work is at home here. Thus, the brand sets standards in terms of handling, ambience and location. A feel for people and the market is crucial here, a certain intuition that cannot be taught. And that, of course, is also not easy to describe, to visualize. But together we made it. Satellite Office is now perceived even more strongly as the brand it has long been. A 5-star host with no stick up his ass.

Satellite Office: Eugen Schindler, how is Satellite Office positioning itself with its new image?

Reduced to the essentials. As befits a premium brand. Satellite Office is the home port for all those who want to work successfully, cannot do without humanity and love luxury without frills. Plain. Noble. Highly emotional, but without showmanship. Throughout, we rely on purist design with emotional images and a clear message to the market: “You can recognize decision-makers by their choice of office”.