Employer Branding Project #Besatellite

19. July 2022

First exciting results

“We will create an even stronger employer brand that stands for clear values and has a very concrete, tangible image” reports Anita Gödiker, CEO of Satellite Office. No sooner said than done! The project, called “#BeSatellite,” launched in spring 2019 under the leadership of Anja Fabich, HR. “In 2020, the first baby boomers will retire early. Then the big fight for qualified applicants will begin,” continues Gödiker. But he says it is already time-consuming to receive good and, above all, suitable applications. “With our constant expansions, the application and personnel selection process is a core task. The better we can present ourselves, the sooner the potential applicant knows whether we fit together or not,” adds Anja Fabich from experience.

Together with Deutsche Employer Branding (DEBA), Satellite Office set out a good six months ago to create a strong employer brand. In numerous internal workshops and 42 evaluated questionnaires, we surveyed and worked out who Satellite Office really is, who we would like to be, what we want and need to tackle, what we are good at and where we can improve. Corporate principles have been developed that reflect Satellite Office and with which everyone can identify.

There are wonderful first results:

Substance instead of facade, service level at eye level and warm, sovereign openness!

These are much more than buzzwords. This is Satellite Office! These are the basic principles of the Satellite Office teams. Today and in the future. Sustainable.

Anita Gödiker: “It was a great experience for me to hear how employees perceive Satellite Office! I felt and experienced that it is now “our baby”. A very wonderful, unique, emotional feeling!” The corporate guiding principles that have been developed have actually become so individual that they only fit Satellite Office. “The work has been more than successful,” Anja Fabich is also pleased with the result. Distinctiveness and the right expectations for new employees but also for the existing team serve as orientation for company-relevant decisions.

As a first concrete measure, the content of job advertisements was adapted to these guiding principles. Now we’re moving on, the next route item is, among other things, to expand internal training and to take over certain training topics from individual employees who are particularly good at their subject. We will keep you up to date.