Donner & Reuschel invites to the “Perspectives 2020” event in Munich

19. July 2022

Anita Gödiker gives presentation on flexible workspaces

Over the weekend, the private bank Donner & Reuschel held its second annual kick-off event in 2020 in Munich. It was about the future of work through digitalization. Despite bright sunshine, 20 degrees outside temperature, FC Bayern home game and the security conference in Munich, the event was well attended.

Natalie Schmid from Donner & Reuschel moderated the day. Among the many interesting presentations, e.g. by Ranga Yogeshwar, Birgit Gebhardt, trend researcher, was also present with a captivating contribution. She painted a picture of the future and spoke of how the digital transformation has now reached organizational and management structures as the last bastion. As long as management and communication continue to take place in offices and executive suites as in the analog age, there will be neither a dynamically networked economy nor a work culture. The pressure to change to an agile organization that meets the new premises of digital value creation and its accompanying factors, such as demographic change, would affect almost all companies.

Anita Gödiker, owner and CEO of Satellite Office, followed with an exciting presentation on what digitalization means for flexible workspaces. In a very short time, it was clear to her, based on careful observations and conversations with customers alone, that collaboration in a so-called coworking space for knowledge workers needed to be redesigned. Complex, creative work requires more rest. To this end, Satellite Office has created a new line called pureSilent, which enables quiet working in areas that are even soundproofed in some cases, in silent cubes and in digital meeting rooms. The first location with the new line has just opened in Frankfurt.